Downtown Manhattan Summer Sunset


Happy, The Fur-Queen of NYC

Once upon a time, I would’ve labeled myself ‘crazy’, for uttering just one word to my pet, let alone a full blown conversation. But alas, I now wear this ‘crazy’ pet owner label, proudly Hahaha… My adorable fur-baby brings me joy and happiness. Blogger fam, meet Happy, the cutest Chihuahua in the whole wide world! And yes, NYC’s Fur-Queen.

today I CHOOSE joy

today I CHOOSE joy

Ignore those so-called “Monday blues”, especially if you have a steady 9-5, or a job, period. I personally don’t believe in Monday being the worst day of the week. I get it, it sucks that the weekend fun is all over. But guess what, all good things come to an end. Eventually. However, waking up to figure out what to wear to the work, what to eeat for breakfast, and what to pack for lunch (frugal folks like moi) is tons of fun! I mean, maybe if you turned on your favorite radio station or blast your favorite tunes, trust me! You’ll be seeing Mondays in a totally different and pleasant light.

So think of it as another day of life! Remember, whenever you feel lousy and/or down, remind yourself that there are millions of cells in your body fighting harder than you are, to keep your entire physicality going. Bow that is no easy task. Join me in choosing joy 🙂